Electric Rotating Nursing Bed

Nursing bed with electrically operated backrest, knee break, height, rotate and tilt. Hand controller to further aid transfer onto and off the bed.

Weight capacity: 230 kgs

Model number: CTSK1901

MOQ: 1pc

Lead time: 3 days


Product Details:

  • Solid wood head & foot board & over bed table, aluminium side rails
  • 4pcs  12.5cm diameter wheels with brake
  • Overall length*width*Height: 2050 mm* 970 mm *480mm-770mm(adjustable height)
  • Mattress Platform Length 2000 mm* width 900 mm
  • Packing size: 2200*1030*950mm

The main functions as follow:

  • Height adjustable: 480-770 mm
  • Backboard raise 0-75°
  • Leg board raise 0-40°
  • Trendelenburg tilt: 0-12°
  • Anti-Trendelenburg tilt: 0-12°
  • Seat position turn: left or right 90°

3 types of product function:

rotating bed functions
rotating bed functions

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