Powered Toilet Lift Seat

  • Elevates the toilet seat by 35cm
  • Easy installation and maintenance free.
  • Weight capacity up to 180kgs (400lbs)
  • Equipped with the bedpan as bedside commode.
  • Toilet seat and safety arm support in Ergonomics
  • Easy-to-operate, a simple press of the button
  • FCC and CE certified
  • 1 year warranty
  • OEM&ODM available


Caring for your independence and dignity

The smart assisted toilet lift chair is suitable for the elderly and those who have pain in legs and knees, and for postoperative people. It brings back the private toilet space to the users. It helps avoid the shackles of the accompanying person, prevent the helpless situation, reduce accompany staff resources and suffering of caregivers.

sos call button

Multi-stage adjustment. Easy to operate

Adjust the height of the seat with one button. Meet the requirements of different users. One-click for seat lift and down. Handrail installation with one-click call. Help users to call families when there’s an emergency. Improve the safety of independent toilets.

one button operation

Mirror finishing paint, easy to sanitize

easy to clean


Large-capacity lithium battery for long-time use

Support up to 160 lifts after one full charge. The universal plug can be directly connected to the outlet to use. There’s a power display in the lower part of the product, to remind for recharging and ensure continuous use.

large capacity lithium battery

The battery display function The battery level display function under the product can intuitively understand the power and timely charging to ensure continuous use.

battery reminder


Non-slip base to ensure safety.

non slip base


Extended Cap

The cap is extended and designed to prevent pinching and spilling urine. Effectively prevent the elderly from being pinched by obesity or loose skin, and prevent contamination caused by spilling urine.

extended cap design


Accessories For different product types

Product Type
Smart Washing and Drying
Toilet Seat
Lithium Battery
Armrest and Backrest
Emergency Call Button
Remote Control
Washing and Drying
Roller Wheels Optional
Cushion Optional


Comfortable Armrest

toilet lift chair (9)


Backrest for Winter and Summer use

Wireless remote control

The wireless remote control is available within 50 meters. Caregivers can use the remote control to assist in controlling the rise and fall of the seat when users are not convenient to control by themselves. Note that this is optional.

optional remote control (2)


Roller Wheels with brakes
optional roller with brake (3)


Model No.:
Sit-to-stand motion
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Max. Capacity:
180kgs (400 lbs)
Battery Life:
160 times lift at full charge
Max. Capacity for Armrest
100kgs (220 lbs)
Working Life:
>30000 times
Power Supply:
Direct Power Plug
Lift Angle:
Working Voltage:
24V DC
Net Weight:
IP Grade:
* Max. Capacity of Smart Washing and Drying Type is 150kgs (330 lbs).


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